Regime Store Company
To make a purchase
1 - Choose a category by clicking one of the buttons to the left of your screen, click then the product which interests you, the photo will get bigger so that you can better appreciate it.
2 - Further to the description of the product, you will find a field in which you can register the quantity which you wish to command, the quantity by default is of a single product. If you wish several identical products, it is thus necessary to you to specify it by entering simply the deliberate quantity. Click then to command.
3 - An invoice appears with a partial total of your command (without tax, nor freight costs) you have then the choice to continue your purchases or adjust the invoice. If you wish to continue your purchases, click the button '' to continue the shopping '' . If such is not the case, click the button pay the invoice. A small yellow padlock will appear, it means that the payment is secured.
4 - A page asking you to register your particulars for the invoicing, for the expedition and for the payment appears to you, you necessarily have to fill(perform) everything fields (squared space) which have a small red asterisk on the right-hand side. If your address of expedition(shipping) is the same that your billing address, click '' to copy the invoicing in the delivery '' and all the information refers automatically of the invoicing to the expedition(shipping). Then, choose the method of payment and register the information which are connected with it. Click the button end and you will have a printable invoice with all the information which you have just entered.
Taxes and freight costs are automatically calculated according to your place of residence.