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HOW TO LOSE WEIGHT FAST? aims to provide you with all the products and advice they need to know how to lose weight (and possibly lose weight quickly). Nowadays, many people want to get rid of their extra pounds. They are looking to lose weight quickly and permanently with the plans (which is not always easy because many methods cause a resumption of weight). Wanting to fight their excess body weight, these women and men seek to improve their appearance, and at the same time their health.

If you have decided to lose weight quickly and well, and want to deepen your learning about the most popular diets to choose one that suits your lifestyle, you are on the right site. To understand how to lose weight or lose weight without suffering the yo-yo to melt your pounds of unnecessary fat effectively before a birthday (or other event). Keep in mind that to lose weight fast and for a long time, we must know the principles of existing weight loss programs as well as their advantages and disadvantages. Weight loss is not something to take lightly.

A better understanding of different methods of slimming you will lose weight fast without health concerns. Weight loss made in good conditions also gives you the opportunity to optimize your eating habits and your lifestyle healthier.

Whatever your choice of weight loss method, do not ignore a regime should be accompanied by regular physical activity, and if possible a medical monitoring (provided by a doctor, nutritionist or dietitian) to lose the excess pounds effectively. Overweight or obese should be taken seriously because these body weight problems can cause various chronic diseases and long-term (comorbidities).

The basic rule for losing weight in a short time based on a calorie deficit!

If you burn more calories than you consume, you create a calorie deficit. If you eat fewer calories than what your body needs to function, you also create a lack of calories. Moreover, this loss of calories, the higher you will lose weight. You can easily burn more calories by exercising regularly (at least 4 or 5 times per week). Playing sports also gives you many more health benefits that promote weight loss faster.

So if you do 1 hour of sports training to burn 500 calories (from the perspective of losing weight with more efficiency in parallel dieting) and if your body needs 1800 calories per day to function and if you have consumed a total of 2000 calories during the day, you create a deficit of 300 calories (2000 - 500 - 1800 = -300). Similarly, if you eat only 1600 calories per day as your body needs to spend at least 2,000 calories per day to function normally (that is to say, your basal metabolic rate), you create a deficit of 400 calories (1600 - 2000 = -400). The more you create a significant deficiency (in calories) each day you will lose weight more quickly.

When your calorie deficit reached about 8000 calories, you will lose extra pounds:

1 kg of fat more accurately (eg if you accumulate 20 days after a "discovered" 400 calories per day, you create a deficit of 8000 calories total). In fact, for every 8000 calories you will lose weight lost 1 kg (fat). To lose weight quickly and more efficiently, you can follow certain plans and slimming a lot of sports.

Be careful however not to subject your muscles too much tension by doing more exercise than your body is capable of supporting. Do not want to lose weight too quickly, at a breakneck pace (eg lose 20 pounds in 3 weeks) as the means to achieve the objectives of unrealistic weight loss are almost always unhealthy. These processes bad for weight loss often leave damaging your vitality and make you gain weight then almost inevitably (you imposing the famous yo-yo effect). To avoid cluttering again after a diet, adopt instead a healthy and balanced diet, as well as increase your overall level of physical activity
You got a fast weight loss? You gained weight after yet managed to lose during a diet (yo-yo effect)? You want to show other overweight people how to lose weight quickly without putting health at risk? If you want to share your experience during your weight loss program for the fight against obesity, let your testimony or join the conversation at our forum.

Regimestorecompany selects for you the best slimming products on the market to lose weight effectively without wasting time in effect yoyo diets harmful to your body, mind and especially your health.

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