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Original - Absolute Slimming Green Tea

Original - Absolute Slimming Green Tea
Original - Absolute Slimming Green Tea
Reference : THEVERTBIO
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Original "absolute slimming green tea"
20 bags thinness.

Green Tea (100%)
Duration of slimming program : 21 days renewable by the desired results.

Slimming product : From high efficiency thanks to its fast slimming effect. For every diet, it can be combined with any other natural product or not.

Recommendations for use :
- Take a slimming tea 2-3 times a day after each meal throughout the duration of the plan .
- 1 slimming tea in the morning.
- 1 slimming tea at noon.
- 1 slimming tea in the evening.

Infuse the slimming green tea in boiling water for 10 to 15 minutes to release the maximum benefits . Use 1/3 liter of water for about a tea bag .

- Do not heat the slimming green tea in the microwave (destroyed minerals) .
Slimming green tea is drunk as an infusion . It is naturally sweet and does not need to add sugar or milk.

Slimming product is used as part of a varied and balanced diet and a healthy lifestyle .

Do not let your unwanted kilos to embed more ... order now!

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Excellent 5/5  -  MARY
TOP slimming! I suggest if you need to lose a little weight, for my part I lost 4 pounds in 1 month.
thank you
Excellent 5/5  -  Manon_Monaco1990
Quick opening hours. Green tea is very good and is against fat. Thank you, I am much for 2 weeks!
Excellent 5/5  -  Charlotine_AngersFrance
Excellent green tea slimming. Good taste and I've already lost 2 pounds lighter in 9 days. I keep my diet. I just ordered the Destructor slimming pills to lose 5 kilos more.
I recommend herbal green tea to lose weight easily ... and it's good as well.
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DESTRUCTOR - Destroys fat !
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Absolute Slimming Green Tea (X2)
Absolute Slimming Green Tea (X2)
Lot of 2 boxes
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Flat stomach - Quickly lose belly