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1618 Anti-Water - The 3 Oaks - Slimming

1618 Anti-Water - The 3 Oaks - Slimming
1618 Anti-Water - The 3 Oaks - Slimming
Reference : 3CHENE1618
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1618 Anti-Water - The 3 Oaks - Slimming
30 pills

Slimming diet: 1618 Anti-Water helps reduce excess water. Clinical outcome 52% Anti-retention. **

Duration of the diet program: 25 days

Elim'real ® (extracts: caraway, meadowsweet, guarana caffeine-rich (10.67%), goldenrod, fennel (0.85%), dandelion), Stabilizer: cellulose microcrystalline coating agents: hydroxypropyl methylcellulose, dyes (titanium dioxide, indigo carmine, brilliant blue FCF, yellow quiloléine), microcrystalline cellulose, Thickener: carboxymethylcellulose sodium; Anti-caking agents: talc, magnesium stearate, silicon dioxide.


+ 17.18% of urinary frequency *
+10.69% Removal of sodium, a marker of diuretic activity *
61% reduction in the sensation of heavy legs *
52% anti-retention **
Elim'real ® therefore promotes renal excretion of water, increasing the number of daily urinary bladder.
Take things in hand to overcome excess water! Making "volume" and bloating have a single cause: water retention.
1618 Anti-Water, clinically proven formula helps you to actively fight against water retention:
Promoting the elimination of excess water with fennel
Facilitating the process of thinning with guarana
Activating thermogenesis with caffeine
28 days clinical study randomized double-blind against placebo, conducted on 86 women who used Elim'Real ®.
Appreciation ** consumer after 14 days.

The virtues of the Anti-water 3 Chênes

Anti-Water 1618 consists of: ELIM'REAL ®.
Elim'Real ® for which a patent has been filed is composed of extracts from Caraway, Meadowsweet, Guarana is rich in caffeine, Goldenrod, Fennel and Dandelion.
Caraway is a biennial plant near fennel, anise and dill. Caraway is traditionally used as a stimulant, carminative, stomachic, anti-spasmodic and helps fight against flatulence and fermentation.

Meadowsweet is traditionally known for its powerful anti-inflammatory properties. In slimming programs, power diuretic meadowsweet is traditionally known to facilitate the functions of elimination from the body.

Guarana is used in cases of fatigue. Indeed, many assets that contain its seeds (especially caffeine) make this plant a physical and intellectual stimulant. Guarana is also traditionally used to aid weight loss by acting on lipolysis of tri glycerides stored in adipocytes by inhibiting phosphodiesterase. Caffeine accelerates the "burning" of fat increases the basal metabolism of the cells and thereby promotes elimination of fats stored in the body.

Goldenrod, Solidago still called'''' is a perennial giving yellow flowers. Goldenrod is traditionally used to facilitate the functions of digestive and urinary excretion. It is traditionally indicated when kidney and bladder inflammation, increase urine volume.

Fennel has properties traditionally recognized as carminative, digestive, antispasmodic and diuretic. It is used to help relieve upset stomach, aid digestion and soothe abdominal pain.

Dandelion, known in folk medicine to aid digestion, Dandelion is traditionally used as a choleretic (stimulates the production of bile) and cholagogue (active flow of bile in the gallbladder) and for its diuretic properties promoting renal elimination of water.

Directions for use:
- Take 2 tablets daily with a full glass of water
Program of 15 days renewable
Anti-water 3 oak is a dietary supplement: Comply with instructions for use, keep out of reach of young children. For use as part of a varied diet and a healthy lifestyle

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