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Belly and Abdomen Cosmetic Somatoline

Belly and Abdomen Cosmetic Somatoline
Belly and Abdomen Cosmetic Somatoline
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Cosmetic Somatoline MAN - Treatment Belly and Abdomen Intensive Night -
300 ml tube

Intensive slimming action with a single application in the evening
Effect hot / cold
Intensive formula to lose weight while sleeping

Reduces the circumference of 2 cm in 4 weeks while you sleep.

Specific product men: Men have needs different from those of thin women. In addition, their morphological characteristics require the use of specific products.

Slimming products for men contain active ingredients that can reduce fat deposits, plus they contain active ingredients which can toners regain elasticity and reveal your abs.

Fat men 's basically collects in the stomach and love handles. In contrast, among women, it tends to be localized mainly on the hips, thighs and buttocks.

Men's skin has different characteristics from that of women, it contains:

- More Keratin which makes the skin harder.
- More Collagen makes the skin thicker and more elastic.
- More Sebum makes the skin less prone to skin dryness.

Thus, the active ingredients in cosmetic creams for women are not suitable for men.
Therefore, the physiological and morphological characteristics of men require: suitable formulations, rapid absorption and non-greasy texture.

Tips uses
- An application in the evening.

MEN 300ml
2022-12-31 53.9053,90
Rating Excellent 4.5/5 - 2 comments Read or write a comment
Very good 4/5  -  John
On retrouve un ventre plat mais il faut insister et ça prend du temps!
Excellent 5/5  -  John
We find a flat stomach but it should be emphasized and it takes time!
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