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Biotherm Celluli laser - Slim Code

Biotherm Celluli laser - Slim Code
Biotherm Celluli laser - Slim Code
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Biotherm Celluli laser - Slim Code
200 ml tube cream

Slimming cellulite advanced genetic and behavioral

Phytosveltyl, Extract of Sacred Lotus, Yerba mate, green coffee, caffeine, gingko biloba, moisturizers

Hunt the cellulite1, whatever its origin, genetic or behavioral.

Discover the most powerful slimming Biotherm ever created. Celluli Laser Slim Code, the first advanced slimming cellulite and behavioral genetics has 5 patents.

Biotherm biologists have identified a key protein, AMPK, which plays a major role in the mechanisms of clearance and burning fat and regulates the expression of genes involved in lipogenesis (conversion of sugars and fat storage) and lipolysis (fat-burning action).

Laser Slim Code Celluli is a revolutionary technology effectively concentrate on all manifestations of cellulite.


- Works on all visible signs of cellulite
- Smoothing relief padded
- Reduction centimeter: 10 days up to 0.7cm *

1 The appearance of cellulite
2 Test performed on the visible manifestations of cellulite classified according to three scales. Test on 36 women for 4 weeks
* Measures centimeter of 36 women, up to 0.7cm on the upper thigh 10 days

Tips for use:
Circle-size each side; indexes placed forward; inches at the rear.

1 - Sculpting size energetically sliding the fingers of the same size to the lower abdomen. Enchainer 6 movements quickly to warm the area.

2 - Overlay palms and place them under the bust.
Press firmly and slide the palms towards the navel while simultaneously contracting the abdominals.
Repeat 3-6 times on this area.

3 - Raise the foot and the leg bend at right angles. Ask your palms on each side of the knee, fingers crossed below the thigh. Press firmly and describe the strength of palms, circles compression along the thigh knee up to the groin.

4 - finger tight and taut hand, strongly heat the outside of the thigh with the flat of the hand making several trips - returns. From the top of the thigh towards the knee. Switch hands and repeat the gesture on the inside of the thigh.

5 - Circle the leg with hands below the knee. Achieve vertical smoothing over the entire length of the leg firmly embracing contours. Repeat gloving, line by line knee up to the groin.

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