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Biscuit Dukan Coco - Dukan Diet

Biscuit Dukan Coco - Dukan Diet
Biscuit Dukan Coco - Dukan Diet
Reference : DIET-LEMON
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Biscuit Dukan Coco - Dukan Diet
6 packs of 3 biscuits

Slimming diet: Dukan coconut biscuits oat bran are both crunchy and delicious! They possess all the properties of oat bran combined with delicious coconut flavor.

Protein: 15 to 18 gr
Use phase: Phase 1 and 2
Diet method: high protein, Low Calorie

65% oat bran, acacia fiber, maltitol, skimmed milk powder 5% 0%
Bottles Ingredients: canola oil 3%, 3% coconut oil, whole egg powder, milk protein casein, wheat gluten, coconut flavoring 1% baking powders: ammonium hydrogen carbonate and sodium salt , sucralose.

Gluten, eggs and milk. Made in a factory that uses soy, sesame and nuts.

Dukan DIET - 225 Gr Coconut Biscuits

Two simple but essential physical properties!
Actions oat bran based on two physical properties: its power of absorption, up to 25 times its volume of water and its viscosity allowing it, like a fly-trap, capture and secure all that is in contact with its surface.

Oat bran, whatever its presentation is at 2 levels:
The stomach: it absorbs up to 25 times its volume of water and this produces a natural fullness.
In the intestine: it sticks to everything that surrounds it, slows the passage of nutrients into the bloodstream and carries with it in the stool.

But the interest of this MAJOR cookie is to be both exceptionally good and crisp in the mouth which is invaluable in a diet rich in protein and vegetables that lack of this feeling very sought after by those who lose weight without it.

Directions for use:
- A generous bite or wet in skim milk or a cup of tea or coffee, all tastes are catered for, this is your moment you pleasure and indulgence.

Under the Dukan Diet:

Attack Phase: 0 biscuit per day

Cruise phase: 3 biscuits per day

Consolidation Phase: 4 cookies per day

Stabilization phase: free

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