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Burner L Carnitine drink EAFIT

Burner L Carnitine drink EAFIT
Burner L Carnitine drink EAFIT
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Burner L Carnitine drink EAFIT
500 ml bottle

Slimming product: Burner L Carnitine drink helps you to convert fat into energy and improves stamina and performance.
Drink fat-burning and energy orange flavor.
Assimilation ultrafast

Program Duration: 15 days

Water, Glycerin, L-carnitine tartrate, choline bitartrate, thickener: guar gum, aroma *, preservatives: potassium sorbate - sodium benzoate, citric acid, sweeteners: aspartame - acesulfame potassium.


L-Carnitine is a substance naturally produced by the body. It invervient in the mechanisms of elimination of fat and stimulates their conversion into energy in muscle cells.
L-Carnitine promotes the burning of fat, virtually inexhaustible source of energy in the body. In the context of a sporting activity, it improves endurance and optimal performance.
Developed by EAFIT, L-Carnitine Drink has an effect "fat-burning" accelerated thanks to its rapid absorption and its biodisponibilitémaximale.

Recommended for: optimize fat metabolism, activate their retrieval and processing power readily available.

Directions for use:
- In 1 glass of water: Pour 15 to 30 ml using the dispenser, drink pure or diluted twice a day 1 hour before or athletic training.
Do not exceed the recommended dose. It is advisable to consume this supplement as part of a varied diet. Consume preferably before the date indicated on the bottle. Close tightly after opening. Keep away from heat and moisture. Keep out of reach of young children.

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Good fat burning!
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