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CELL-PLUS - Mud Seaweed

CELL-PLUS - Mud Seaweed
CELL-PLUS - Mud Seaweed
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CELL PLUS - Mud Seaweed
Cream Pot - 750ml

Slimming diet: Seaweed Mud is mud "cool" action shock imperfections caused by cellulite.

Duration of the diet program: 15 days renewable

With blue algae Britain (Gelidium cartilagineum, Pelvetia canaliculata and Fucus vesiculosus) atomized water Marina, micronized green clay, gotu kola, Mimosa (rich in rutin), Citrus aurantium (natural Vitamin C).

Algae mud is mud "cool" action impact on cellulite.
Rhodysterol cartilagineum Gelideum rich, stimulates fat cells to burn fat deposition (lipolytic effect).
The Pelvetia canaliculata improves blood circulation and the function of the microcirculation. Fucus vescicolosus increases cellular metabolism.
Citrus aurantium, Mimosa and Gotu Kola improve trophism vessels, stimulates the production of collagen in the skin, making the skin soft and elastic.

The effect of "shock" and "given both by the higher concentration of rhodysterol and by the presence of clay micronized with a particle size less than 50 microns.
- Create an occlusive effect on the skin which increases by 40% the absorption of active ingredients,
- A great osmotic effect (which favors the penetration) and drain (with elimination of intracellular fluid).

Cell-Plus is a combined system designed to address both the internal and external imperfections of the skin due to cellulite and imperfections that characterize it.

Directions for use:
- Apply to the affected areas, taking care to apply by circulatory movements.

The product is used as part of a varied and balanced diet by following a healthy lifestyle.
Do not exceed recommended daily intake.
Keep away from children under 3 years
Under certain physiological or pathological states, or in combination with medication, consult your doctor.

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Excellent 5/5  - 
I try mud seaweed diet, we'll see if it is effective on my extra pounds. I have 7 pounds to lose.
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