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Cellumassol - Dukan Diet

Cellumassol - Dukan Diet
Cellumassol - Dukan Diet
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Cellumassol - Dukan Diet
60 capsules

Slimming diet: Cellumassol is a dietary supplement whose sole purpose is to act on the cellulite regardless of diet and weight loss. This action is related to its content madecassosides levering regeneration of connective tissue. Hips, thighs, knees, lower body infiltrated.

Duration of the diet program: 2 months

Extract of Centella asiatica Hydrocotyle (10% acid asiaticoside) - maltodextrin carrier - caking (magnesium stearate - silica) - vegetable capsule (hydroxypropyl methyl cellulose) - Gingko Biloba extract.

PLAN Dukan - 60 GEL Cellumassol

Cellulite is a real fat localized predominantly female thighs and knees rebel regimes, giving a feeling of rice grains on palpation and pressure blisters shaped orange peel.

The action on cellulite Cellumassol

Cellulite is rebellious plans for clusters of fat cells that compose adipocytes are identical to all other but are trapped in a matrix of sclerotic tissue which prohibits the use of systems. Imagine a bunch of grapes in a plastic bag, whatever your appetite, they will be inaccessible.

The action is carried by Cellumassol its high madecassosides involved in the reduction of the gangue conjunctiva clusters cellulite. Gingko Biloba and complements this by improving the dimpled cellulite slow traffic.

The major advantage of Cellumassol is to act on cellulite with or without dieting with or without weight loss. This simply means that it is not necessary to lose weight to reduce the amount of cellulite.

When cellulite is associated with an over-weight, action Cellumassol is much more marked for melee coexists with cellulite fat consumed is simple and eliminated from the diet. In addition, cellulite, rid of its imprisoning matrix becomes simple as a fat diet can finally attack and burn.

How to check the effect on cellulite by yourself?

By dissociating the weight of the lost volume and taking his measurements throughout treatment. These measures are to be taken on two levels, the total round both thighs at the highest bounced and hips taken close to the superior pubic triangle. Any woman who is not trying to lose weight but simply to reduce the volume and consistency of cellulite, the plan is not to avoid further reduce chest and dig facial features. In this case, the effectiveness of Cellumassol can easily be checked, if without diet or weight loss, there is a reduction of two perimeters measured thighs and hips.

Directions for use:
- One capsule morning Cellumassol, lunch and dinner with a little water at the beginning of meals on a course of 2 months. Do not exceed the recommended dose
Cellumassol is not a medicine but a food supplement.
To be used only after medical advice when taking anticoagulants and drugs that affect platelet aggregation.
This product does not replace a balanced and varied diet and a healthy lifestyle.
Not suitable for children under 15 years or pregnant or lactating. Keep out of sight and reach of children.
Keep away from heat and moisture.

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