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DEA triple action slimming - Gayelord

DEA triple action slimming - Gayelord
DEA triple action slimming - Gayelord
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DEA triple action slimming - Gayelord Hauser
Taste citrus drink

Slimming diet: Drains Eliminate Affine is the ideal partner for your weight loss program.
This innovative concentrated plant stimulates elimination functions of your body and helps you to find a finer figure.

Duration of the diet program: 3 months

Nettle extract Hg * 32.5% * HG extract of green tea 32.5%, Hg * fennel extract, dandelion extract Hg * 7% * artichoke extract Hg 6% Hg rosemary extract, honey from the industry, lemon juice concentrate, natural flavors of mandarin and orange essential oils of lemon and rosemary.
* Base extract Hg (hydroglycerine): water, fructo-oligosaccharides, glycerol, lemon juice, preservatives: potassium sorbate and sodium beenzoate.


Practice, simply add a dose of Affine Eliminates Drains in your bottle for a delicious fruit drink to accompany you throughout the day.
Drains: the combined action of the artichoke and dandelion promotes drainage of your body.
Eliminates: nettle stimulates the functions of renal elimination of water.
Affine green tea helps to burn fat and sugars.

Directions for use:
- Dilute dose in a 20 ml bottle of 1.5L, to consume throughout the day.
After opening, store bottle in refrigerator Drains Eliminate refined.
For use over a period of 3 months, this drink is part of a slimming program, in addition to dietary measures.

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Very good drainage.
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