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Dukan caramel flavor - Dukan Diet

Dukan caramel flavor - Dukan Diet
Dukan caramel flavor - Dukan Diet
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Dukan caramel flavor - Dukan Diet
Bottle - 115 ml

Slimming diet: Find the power of caramel in the aroma Dukan. Without a gram of sugar or calories, it is to add in all your preparations sweet or savory!

Support: aromatic caramels, propylene glycol, flavoring substances, alcohol (<1.2% vol.), Flavoring preparations.
Brown liquid made ​​basic preparations and substances and natural flavoring.

Storage: protected from air and light in a warm place (18 ° C).

This flavoring does not contain GMOs (genetically modified organism) or soy, corn or derivatives. It does not contain any major allergen according to European directive in force.

Additional Note: a deposit may form over time. Shake before use.

In your culinary dishes, pastry, confectionery, ice cream, puddings, sauces, mousses, crème brûlée, coulis, custards, chocolates, ganaches, sweets, jams, compotes, cocktails, ...

Directions for use:
- Between a teaspoon (4 mL) and a tablespoon (10 ml) per liter of preparation.
Because of its concentration, this product must be used diluted and not the state.
You can increase the dosage depending on the duration and the intensity of cooking. Example: a baked pastry will need to double the dosage cream dessert.

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Excellent 5/5  - 
Caramel is delicious and more so if you can lose weight is perfect. In any case I started my weight loss diet on Wednesday.
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