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EX'S slimming 4 Action - Stop pounds

EX'S slimming 4 Action - Stop pounds
EX'S slimming 4 Action - Stop pounds
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EX'S slimming 4 Action - Stop pounds
15 tablets

Slimming product: Innovation slimming EX'S4, will help you eliminate your excess in 4 days! With its ultra-fast slimming action.

Duration of program: 4 days

Citrus aurantium extract 100 mg 6% synephrine, guarana extract 12% caffeine 100 mg, green coffee extract 45% chlorogenic acid: 50 mg

Through the use of three plants with traditional use is recognized, you will be able to quickly regulate the storage of calories they burn and turn promote drainage.
OFFERED: discover within our dietary advice (developed by dietitians).

"The synergy of these three actions will help you regain a refined silhouette and striking form."
Green coffee: content in EX'S4, promotes the release of reserve calories, and burning and draining the body and eliminate toxins.
Extract citrus aurantium (bitter orange) contained in the EX'S4 contains Synephrine stimulates the release of calories and therefore thermogenesis (production of energy ration essential to the body from sugars and fats).
The caffeine in guarana: content in EX'S4, promotes basal metabolism of the cells and thus increases the burning of calories.

Directions for use:
- 3 tablets in the days of excess (morning, afternoon and evening)
4 tablets per day for the next 3 days (1 morning, 2 lunch and 1 dinner).
During your treatment we recommend that you maintain a balanced diet in quality and quantity. Do not give to children under 16 years, pregnant and nursing women without medical advice. Observe the indicated dosage and expiry date.

Lose weight in just 4 days
2021-12-31 19.9519,95
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Traditional herbs for weight loss, I like!
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