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Effective 4 days - Slimming Express

Effective 4 days - Slimming Express
Effective 4 days - Slimming Express
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Effective 4 days - Slimming Express
Bottles - 750 ml

Slimming product: NEW! The Diet Solution 2 in 1 Slims excess / Refines and purifies the silhouette. Powerful assets, gaps and remedial intensive drainage.

Duration of program: 4 days

Celery (concentrated juice), black radish root (juice), artichoke hearts (juice concentrate), complex plants (green coffee bean extract, meadowsweet plant tail cherry), plum fruit (juice bio), aspartame, pectin apple, sodium benzoate 0.1%, raspberry flavoring, sodium bicarbonate. Demineralized water and purified. GMO-free.

Effective 4 Days, 7 contains plant extracts that traditional use is recognized:
Green coffee with sugar and fat to burn.
Celery drains and purifies tissues
The artichoke purifies the digestive tract
Meadowsweet désinfiltre the cellulite tissue
The cherry stem helps against water retention
Prune is a mild laxative, diuretic also, cleansing and toning
Apple pectin gives a feeling of satiety.

Away for a weekend or week? And you took a bit of weight in no time you want to lose so quickly? We have the solution: Effective 4 days.

4 days is an effective slimming solution 2 in 1 contains 7 herbal extracts whose traditional use is known to help:
Destock calories banked during overeating
Burn calories released
Drain excess water associated with fat mass
Purge wastes

The slimming solution EFFECTIVE 4 days can also be used for a weight loss program for 15 days.
To all: For men and women of all body types.

With natural extracts of: green coffee, meadowsweet, cherry stems, prune, celery, radish, artichoke, apple pectin.

Directions for use:
- As a preventive or remedial gaps food: dilute 4 tablespoons of Effective 4 days in 1 cup of water 3 times a day for 4 days following the advice on the label (dietary advice and food list ).
Drainage Intensive: Dilute 3 tablespoons Effective 4 days in 1.5 liters of water to drink every day for 15 days.
This product does not replace a balanced diet in quantity and quality. Excessive consumption may have a laxative effect. Respect doses and expiration date. This product contains a source of phenylalanine. Do not give to pregnant women and children under 15 years.

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Rating Very good 3.5/5 - 2 comments Read or write a comment
Good 3/5  - 
I only lost 2 pounds in one month and a half with effective diet four days!
Very good 4/5  - 
I tried but I have not seen any real difference, I oulais lose 5 pounds and I only lost 800 grams.

If the weight loss product has good taste, it goes well but I wanted a little more performance, at least to lose belly fat, shame!
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