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Fat Burning - Actimincyl BULBS

Fat Burning - Actimincyl BULBS
Fat Burning - Actimincyl BULBS
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FAT BURNING Actimincyl BIO SuperDiet
20 drinkable ampoules of 15ml

Aqueous extract of green tea * (leaves) (729 mg **) and green maté * (leaves) (182 mg **) - apple juice concentrate * - * Cocoa powder (beans) (1350 mg ***) - * guarana dry Extract (seed) (5400 mg ** with 100 mg of caffeine) (carrier: maltodextrin cassava *) - * natural flavor - dry extract of green coffee * (seeds) (450 mg **) (support: corn maltodextrin *).

* Ingredients from organic farming
Plant Dryer ** Equivalent to 3 ampoules of 15 ml
Quantity *** for 3 bulbs of 15 ml

The men and women are both affected by the storage of fat, but the areas concerned are different thighs and hips in women and men belly.
Bio Actmincyl bulb contains ingredients from organic farming, carefully selected by the Laboratory for Super Diet properties:

- Caffeine made ​​including the Guarana extract is known to promote fat burning action

- Mate green coffee green perfectly complement this formulation

- Powder cocoa bean brings you a delicious gourmet touch.

Cocoa good taste.

Quick results.
Suitable for anyone.

Power to adopt:
- A balanced diet low in fat.

Directions for use:
- Take 1 to 3 ampoules per day, preferably early in the day. Shake the vial before use. It is possible that a deposit of cocoa appears at the bottom of the bulbs.

You can make a delicious comforting drink by diluting 2 or 3 bulbs in a cup? ​​Hot water => a fun time that does not interfere with your weight loss goal!
(Can be combined with any other natural slimming product on our site)

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Excellent 5/5  - 
Good burn fat quickly but is not against cellulite.
Excellent 5/5  - 
I do not believe in slimming bulbs, I do not think you can lose weight naturally with bulbs to lose weight but I'll try anyway, you never know.
If I had not lost weight with organic bulbs, I would try the "destructor", more expensive but if you really lose weight why not!
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