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Fitness Massager - balance board

Fitness Massager - balance board
Fitness Massager - balance board
Reference : GYMASSAGER
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Fitness Massager - balance board
Digital display

Slimming product: balance board massage. A gym relaxing effects. Effective, practical and fun! The balance board Massager Gym allows you to work with ease all the muscles relaxing.

Area of ​​action: Upper body and lower body


From the latest technologies, Gym Massager combines intelligence with the reflex zone massage of the plantar arch and gymnastics balance.

• Gymnastics: balance board. Specific exercises are working all the muscles of the body providing flexibility, balance, toning.
• Massage: board reflex zone massage of the plantar arch. The spikes on the surface of the plate will act on the acupuncture points, 8 magnets help to recover energy and vitality, this dual action is increased by the weight of the body in motion.


• Works on weight loss, refines and enhances the silhouette size,
• Improves breathing by expanding the heart and lungs,
• Active circulation of the feet and legs,
• Provides relaxation and well-being.

1 digital display shows the intensity of the exercise, the number of movements and duration of the session in use and can, on request after the session, display the number of calories burned and fat loss.

According to medical research advances, the arch of the foot has many reflexology zones, each zone corresponding to a physiological condition. Stimulation of these areas has a particularly beneficial effect on the human body and the majority of people do not stimulate enough walking, so it is advisable to use Gym Massager.

Directions for use:
- Using your gym massager is simple. Here are some exercises that will help you find your balance:

• Swing your body on each side and crouch. This exercise accelerates blood circulation in the legs and is especially recommended for those who do not get enough exercise during the day, including clerical
• Stretch your arms in the shape of a cross, then you swing on each side between 5 and 8 minutes. This exercise is particularly recommended for weight loss.
• Stretch your arms diagonally arm tip in the air, the other to the ground, then you swing on each side. This exercise mainly to refine the size.
• Lean forward, then you swing on each side. This exercise improves breathing capacity.
• Try other exercises or even ask a coach

The device operates with 1 battery LR44/AG13.
• Contains a digital screen

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Excellent 5/5  - 
You lose a bit of weight with this fitness machine but it must be associated with slimming teas to make it really effective against cellulite.
Excellent 5/5  - 
That is very good comment you shared.Thank you so much that for you shared those things with us.I am wishing you to carry on with ur achievements.All the best
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