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Goji berries - Dukan Diet

Goji berries - Dukan Diet
Goji berries - Dukan Diet
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Goji berries - Dukan Diet
Package - 200 gr

Slimming diet: Delicious, Goji berries Dukan are from China and are naturally rich in vitamins, trace elements and anti-oxidants.
Goji berries have a true Dukan official label, the Label GreenFood ensuring impeccable quality and the absence of chemical treatment and irradiation during fruit development.

Dry extract of Coleus forskohlii 10% forskolin (carrier: maltodextrin), Bulking Agent: Maltodextrin, Anti-caking agents: microcrystalline cellulose - Magnesium stearate - colloidal anhydrous silica. Capsule: Gelatin navy.


Delicious Goji berries are from China and are naturally rich in vitamins, trace elements and anti-oxidants. Many virtues are attributed with strengthening the immune system, maintain blood pressure and sugar levels in the blood, and stimulation of intestinal transit.

This is the reason for the last 5 years, Goji Berries have around the world an unprecedented.

We present the Goji berry as a fruit with exceptional virtues. What is it exactly?

What is insured and collects international scientific consensus is its great antioxidant potential. It is this action at its very high content of vitamins, minerals, micronutrients among the rarest and very good concentration.

In any long-term diet, the Goji berry is recommended.

100% Goji, no preservatives.

The Goji berry is a natural fruit. It has no inherent risk to the express condition that has not been treated with pesticides. As the fruit is grown and harvested in China, it is essential to buy with the guarantee of the importer.
We have this guarantee, she was issued and renewed with each delivery.

Small Goji Berries amazing.

"When I heard about Goji berries and their virtues I could not resist and I bought to taste. Since I eat in the morning mixed with oat bran and milk as the muesli. then I found after a few days I was less tired. now I recommend these stunning coves to all my friends. "

Sarah, 22 years old

Directions for use:
- During the Dukan diet, to take full advantage of all the virtues of Goji berries, the recommended dose is:
Attack phase: one tablespoon per day
Phase Cruising spoon per day and two per day PP PL.
Phase of consolidation: the dose can be up to 3 tablespoons.
Off when dieting, consuming 20 grams of Goji berries all at once or throughout the day. Goji berries are among the foods have "tolerated"
Warning: the use of Goji berries is highly recommended for people treated through anti-coagulant, and people whose blood is rich in iron.

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