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L'Oréal Perfect Slim Lifting-Pro

L'Oréal Perfect Slim Lifting-Pro
L'Oréal Perfect Slim Lifting-Pro
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L'Oreal Perfect Slim Lifting Pro-.
150ml bottle

A new serum-gel texture
The serum-gel texture Perfect Slim Lifting Pro-duct penetrates immediately and the skin instantly. The formula is non-sticky so that the application is easy and enjoyable. It brings a feeling of freshness. This new texture instantly smoothes skin is toned and gaining FIRMNESS.

The refined silhouette and skin tightened L'Oréal laboratories, experts in the anti-cellulite 's inspired by professional techniques palpate-roll and create the first lifting body.

- Gesture 1: massage intensive mixer
The massage acts as a drainage and helps reduce fat L'Oréal Paris has created an exclusive patented system, which fights adipocytes and tightens the skin. Developed with physiotherapists, new roller mixers are developed specifically to massage cellulite 2 times 2 times deeper: The skin is intensively probed, adipocytes are stirred and kneaded.
The massage is adjustable in 2 strengths:
Force 1: gentle massage for more sensitive areas like the legs, the inner thighs and knees.
Force 2: intensive massage for buttocks, hips and belly.

- Gesture 2: Serum anti-cellulite lifting
Specially formulated to act after the massage, gel-concentrated serum has a profound effect. For the first time, L'Oréal Paris has an associated active slimming firm assets to ensure a facelift for the body
The new alliance: Caffeine and Pro-Elastin
Caffeine: Caffeine promotes fat old stocking masses: it therefore prevents adipocytes to fat reserves, while reducing those already stored. It is known for its draining effects that promote the removal of fat.
Pro-Elastin Elastin is a protein that acts on the support of the skin. Associated with caffeine in serum anti-cellulite retenseur, it improves skin firmness with its sheathing effect. Pro-elastin will boost elastin, naturally present within the skin and fight against environmental degradation. It stimulates the synthesis of elastin and restores firmness to the skin.

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Very good 4/5  - 
Very happy with the result, I was not expecting to lose weight fast with perfect slim but I tried and I am happy with the first results.
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