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Massage Pro Slimming 4 in 1

Massage Pro Slimming 4 in 1
Massage Pro Slimming 4 in 1
Reference : MASMINCEUR
119, 90 euros
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Massage Pro Slimming 4 in 1
Fight against cellulite

Slimming product: A full massage device for all areas of the body specially adapted to fight effectively against cellulite and cellulite smoothing deep.

Zone slimming action: Size, stomach, thighs and buttocks


• 4 massage modes + 1 optional infrared
• Oscillating Movement + rotary single
• 6 massage fingers rotary
• Accessory tissue massage for a softer,
• Dimmer.

Looking for a slimming massager that also relieve your muscle stress? With 4 in 1 Massage Pro you no longer have to choose between slim and relax!
Massage Pro 4 in 1 is a massager that provides home different types of professional massages for your pleasure.
Complete its four massage modes with 6 fingers rotating massage and platelets triangular will massage you efficiently and pleasantly and they will allow you to easily change the type of massage when you feel the desire or need.
4 balls rotating massage allow a deep massage and slimming as institute, while fabric accessories lavish massage softer and specific to relieve muscle stress.
Featuring an infrared option that generates heat to improve circulation, a speed controller for a massage more or less energetic and an oscillating + single rotary, Massage Pro 4-in-1 unit professional massage at home for you!

The massager 4 in 1 Pro with its ergonomic design provides good grip.
It is very quiet and pleasantly glide over your skin.

Directions for use:
- You make circular movements on the desired area. For example, to refine the waist, stomach or thighs.

• Product Weight: 1475 kg
• Dimensions: 31 x 21 x 13 cm
• Operates on AC

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