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Metamorphosis anti cellulite tights

Metamorphosis anti cellulite tights
Metamorphosis anti cellulite tights
Reference : SCALAMETAM
89.90 euros
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Metamorphosis lace tights Scala anti-cellulite
Scala cosmétotextile

Slimming diet: New! Discover slimming textile metamorphosis. This sticky lace textile seamless reshaping your curves immediately.
Innovation, you can transform your textile metamorphosis legging, corsair, shorty with the seasons.
Lose up to 12 cm on the abdominal region and hip. Proven!
Anti cellulite and resculpting.

Zone slimming action: Lower Body

Helps fight cellulite
Reduces the orange peel appearance
Measures reduced by increasing the capacity of lymphatic drainage and natural physiological
Reduces the concentration of lactic acid in the muscles, reducing pain and muscle fatigue
Sticky cuttable (without risk of spinning) over the season (tights, leggings, breeches, shorts)


Metamorphosis, thanks to its revolutionary fiber BIOFIR incorporating bioceramic crystals, re-sculpt your body in a few weeks.

SCALA seamless technology offers superior comfort and a slimming effect immediately. The ceramic crystals act inside the material continuously to massage the skin which improves the blood circulation. This implies a reduction of cellulite and decrease the effect of "orange peel".

Permanent effect! The ceramic crystals being incorporated into the DNA of the thread, the properties of the maximum range SCALA remain.

Tests conducted by a medical team of 20 women show a reduction of up to -12 cm in the abdominal region and hips. Using the product 8 hours per day, 6 days a week and at least 30 days. The reported results are based on a 60-day test. They can variersuivant users according to the weight and body of each person.
BIOFIR is a trademark owned microfiber Scalina group!

Directions for use:
- Wear clothing 6 hours per day for 30 days.

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