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Nuxe - Cellulite Slimming Serum

Nuxe - Cellulite Slimming Serum
Nuxe - Cellulite Slimming Serum
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Nuxe - Cellulite Slimming Serum Encrusted
Tube cream - 150 ml


Scientific innovation thin, ultra-concentrated serum that provides triple action slimming overall to reduce the appearance of stubborn cellulite. Upon application, the photo-corrective pigments provide immediate smoothing skin texture.
New accomplice slimming serum that immediately melts on the skin, leaving it incredibly soft and smooth.

Valuable benefits for my skin:
The appearance of orange peel skin is visibly reduced 74%. * The localized fat decrease to -1.9 cm ** around the thighs is refined: 72% *.
* Test use conducted under dermatological supervision on 43 volunteers after 56 days of twice daily application -% of volunteers in accordance with the allegation.
Average Score ** obtained on 33% of subjects at the hips. Clinical evaluation under dermatological supervision on 36 women after 56 days of twice daily application. Average all topics: -1 cm.

Star active:
1 - CLEARANCE ACTION / ANTI-STORAGE: Cocoa Polyphenols - Patented NUXE - associated with activate Caffeine Plant stocking. The Yacon Leaf Extract limited resettlement of new fat ***.
2 - EVACUATION OF FATS: Micro-Algae stimulate the body's natural fat burning. ***
3 - Remodelling ACTION: The Brazilian Mimosa - Patented NUXE - extract and reshape Glaucine waist, hips and thighs.
This care paraben is composed of 94% ingredients of natural origin.
Test *** in vitro.

Suitable for all skin types, especially areas with stubborn cellulite.

Tips for use:
- Apply morning and / or evening, massage vigorously in circular motions at the rebel-held areas, and perform movements rolling massage followed by smoothing to promote the release of fat.

For a complete program, use the Cellulite Slimming Serum Encrusted NUXE BODY morning and Infiltrated Cellulite Slimming Oil NUXE BODY evening. Use in treatment of attack every day for 1 month and then 2-3 times a week for maintenance.

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Excellent 5/5  -  LauryANDme
How to lose weight and get a flat stomach?
I am trying to treat my extra pounds with Nuxe, we'll see ...
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