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Roc Body Sculpt Slimming

Roc Body Sculpt Slimming
Roc Body Sculpt Slimming
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Roc Body Sculpt Slimming
Pump bottle - 150 ml

Slimming product: Slimming hips and buttocks ...

Pleasure, efficiency in a minimum of time and effort women put all their hopes on the expertise of an expert to act on their curves, their volumes effectively refine, reshape their body shape and lose inches.
For them, ROC in 2010 develops a comprehensive solution more than ever at the forefront of technology but also of femininity: the Body Sculpt Slimming.

Slimming is not a miracle but the selection of assets are recognized for their formidable performance:

- Retinol reduces fat storage. Pure and active vitamin A, stimulates cellular activity, limit the generation of new adipocytes reducing the ability of cells to store fat.
- Forskolin stimulates the transformation of fat into fatty acids.
- Caffeine complete its action and improves the elimination of fat stored in fat cells.
- The surface, the THPE, patented molecule, strengthens and smoothes the skin tissues.
Serum sensual texture in a purple jewel is an invitation to reconnect with the joy of movement and time of massage.

Results: The body is refined silhouette is reshaped and reduced volumes.

Tips for use:
- Apply the product 1-2 times a day on the areas to be treated (hips, abdomen, buttocks and thighs).
For best results, follow a balanced food hygiene, practice regular physical activity.
Do not apply on the face.
Wash hands after use.

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Excellent 5/5  - 
it works really well to lose the thighs and hips. it strengthens the orange peel and lose pounds. TRY!
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