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Roc - Retinol anti-cellulite intensive

Roc - Retinol anti-cellulite intensive
Roc - Retinol anti-cellulite intensive
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Roc - Retinol Anti-Cellulite Intensive -
Pump bottle - 150 ml

Slimming product: Moisturiser Slimming

This treatment contains a combination of single asset for triple reduction centimeter proven.

Retinol: a preventive and restorative.
Retinol stimulates cell activity and prevents the conversion of pre-adipocytes into adipocytes, thereby reducing the ability of cells to store graisses1.
It also helps to maintain the firmness of the tissues by stimulating the synthesis of fiber soutien1.

The combination of forskolin and caffeine: a fast and action destocking durable1.
The synergistic combination of these two assets optimizes fat storage and promote their transformation into fatty acids used by cells.

Forskolin is a new asset overkill intensifies the elimination of fat. Plant extract originating? India lipolytic power (that is, the destruction of lipids stored in adipocytes and their transformation into simple lipids used by cells) is 50 times higher than the caféine1.

Caffeine can in turn keep the process active longer.

Carnitine increases consumption lipides1.
This asset allows the transfer into the mitochondria (powerhouse of the cell) of the fatty acids released by lipolysis. These fatty acids are then converted into energy.

THPE2 strengthens the tissues.
It complements the action of retinol in stimulating contraction of the cells of the epidermis (keratinocytes). The skin is firmer and smoother.

1 - In vitro test
2 - Ethylenediamine tetrahydroxypropyl

Fats are naturally stored under the skin in specialized cells: adipocytes. These can swell dramatically, until reaching a volume such that the skin surface is deformed. The skin takes on a dimpled appearance of orange peel. In the abdomen, waist and buttocks, the destocking of these fats is often difficult.

Thanks to its new formula enriched with glycerin, care RoC ® Retinol Anti-Cellulite Intensive visibly reduces the appearance orange skin and intensely moisturizes the skin. It combines Retinol, Vitamin A pure and active, Forskolin, an anti-cellulite action lipolytic 50 times more powerful than caféine1.

Results: centimétrique2 triple reduction in waist, abdomen and buttocks. The appearance of stubborn cellulite and orange peel is reduced, your figure is visibly refined and redesigned.

Lightly scented formula
Cream-gel texture
Rapid absorption
Lets get dressed immediately after application.

* Hydration of the upper layers of the epidermis
1 - In vitro test
2 - Clinical evaluation, 26 women, 12 weeks.

Tips for use:
- Carefully apply the product on the skin is dry, massaging gently to penetrate the product.

We recommend that you perform light massage always in clockwise direction? Clockwise over the abdomen, thighs, then up to the hips and buttocks.

Adjust the frequency of use to the sensitivity of your skin.

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Very good 4/5  - 
Effective against cellulite, to try if you do not know how to lose weight!
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