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Roll-on tummy GARNIER

Roll-on tummy GARNIER
Roll-on tummy GARNIER
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Roll-on tummy GARNIER bodytonic
Roll-on bottle 100 ml

- Lipo-Caffeine, Ginkgo Biloba and Escin horse chestnut, Elasto-Complex plant fibers.

For its new Roll-On Flat Stomach Cellulite, Garnier bodytonic chose a cocktail of several assets:
- The Lipo-known caffeine to wake lipolysis mechanism that burns fat stored in adipocytes.
- Ginkgo biloba and horse chestnut Escin known to stimulate micro-circulation and encourage tissue drainage
- A complex of Elasto-plant fibers, which combines nylon fibers tightening effect and soy fiber to strengthen the supporting tissue of the skin.
The tip of massaging Roll-On Flat Stomach Cellulite has been specially designed to maximize the effectiveness of anti-cellulite formula. Made of elastomer, both flexible and present on the skin, massaging the tip is notched waves to mobilize the skin as it rolls.
Through massage, it stimulates micro-circulation and promotes slimming action.
The roll-on destocks tummy fat and tightens the skin. Its tip stimulates micro-stimulation and promotes the action of the product for a flatter stomach.

Directions for use:
Apply one to two times daily on dry skin. Start by massaging the belly for 20 seconds. Then, apply the product for 10 seconds until completely absorbed. Finish by stroking slow to hand over the area being massaged.

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Excellent 5/5  -  Tita
Roll-on for a flat stomach quickly.
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