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Slim Detox 8 Days - Amstyl

Slim Detox 8 Days - Amstyl
Slim Detox 8 Days - Amstyl
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Slim Detox 8 Days - Amstyl
Slimming program

Slimming diet: Affine, thinner, eliminates toxins and other factors of weight gain after 8 days.
Helps weight loss without deprivation without fatigue. To -3.1 cm waist. *
Clinically proven.
* Study Dermscan 12/06 for 8 jourssur performed in 21 volunteers overweight. Volunteers have scrupulously followed the diet program guide and consumed slimming soup soup detox slimming slim.

Formula renewable after stabilization phase

Duration of the diet program: 8 days

Oral Solution: Water, Extract of oat bran (17.5%), Green Tea Extract (15%), cranberry (10%), Lemon Extract (5.5%), inulin (5%), fructose (5%) , red vine extract (4%), burdock extract (2%), pineapple extract (2%), lemon juice, blackcurrant and cherry flavors, preservatives: potassium sorbate, sodium benzoate, essential oils of rosemary and juniper. 20 ml provides 3,500 mg of oat bran extract, 3000 mg of green tea extract, 2000 mg of cranberry extract 1100 mg lemon 1000 mg inulin, 800 mg extract of red vine , 400 mg Burdock extract, 400 mg extract of pineapple, 0.4 mg of essential oils of rosemary and juniper.
Tablets DAY: Stabilizer: cellulose microcrystalline Vitamin C (15.79%), Guarana extract (13.16%) (maltodextrin), maté extract (maltodextrin) (9.87%), meadowsweet extract (9.87%) (maltodextrin); fructooligosaccharides (9.87%) Coating agent: hydroxypropylmethylcellulose, polydextrose, colors (titanium dioxide, ponceau 4R, sunset yellow Scarmoisine), talc, glycerin, maltodextrin, triglycerides, Anti-caking agents: silica, magnesium stearate. DAY 1 tablet provides 120 mg of vitamin C (200% RDA *) 150 mg guarana extract and 75 mg extract denmaté, 75 mg of meadowsweet extract, 75 mg of fructo-oligosaccharides .
Tablets NIGHT: Stabilizer: cellulose microcrystalline lime extract (maltodextirne) (11.29%); verbena extract (11.29%) (gum arabic) Green tea extract (11.29%), fennel extract (11.29%) oxide magnesium Agents coatings: colors (titanium dioxide, indigo carmine, brilliant blue FCF, black iron oxide, quinoline yellow), polydextrose, triglycerides, Anti-caking agents: silica, magnesium stearate, Vitamin B6 (0.34 %). 1 tablet of 80 mg NIGHT brings linden extract, 80 mg of verbena extract, 80 mg of green tea extract, 80 mg of fennel extract, 16 mg of magnesium (4.2% RDA *); 2 mg of vitamin B6 (100% RDA *).
*: Recommended Daily Intake
Dietary supplements do not contain iodine.
These products are not drugs but food supplements.

Slim Detox program content Amstyle 8 days:

A Diet Guide
1 bottle of 200 ml of oral solution. Diuretic (to facilitate the removal of water) and lipolytic (favoring the elimination of fats) and appetite suppressant. It improves intestinal transit and allows for better drainage at the tissue level.
1 blister of 8 tablets DAY and NIGHT 8 tablets. Day Tablets can combat mental and physical fatigue often experienced during slimming cure. They are a physical and mental stimulant, they also possess lipolytic (fat destruction) and appetite suppressant. Night Tablets help restore intestinal flora disturbed by dietary changes occurring during any plan. They can fight against insomnia. They also facilitate digestion and thus contribute to better sleep.


Slim Detox Program 8 days is an effective solution to help you in your weight loss. In 8 days your body is thinned and refined. The day you bring tablets shape and tone while destroying fat
Tablets facilitate your digestion night
Oral solution eliminates destocks fat and gives you a feeling of satiety
100% of volunteers found a slimming effect.
95% of volunteers reported a decrease in waist up to -3.1 cm.
S 95% of volunteers felt an appetite suppressant effect.
100% volunteers recommend the use of this product.

Directions for use:
- For 8 days, carefully follow the protocol food and lifestyle guidelines detailed in the guide.
Each day, take 1 tablet DAY during breakfast and 1 tablet at dinner.
Every morning, dilute 20 ml in a glass of water. drinking in the morning, or a bottle of water.
It is strongly recommended to undertake two SLIM DETOX PROGRAM 8 DAYS successively without going through a period of stabilization.

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I do not know how to lose weight and how to do a diet to lose weight when I started this weight loss diet, we'll see!
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