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Slimming drink Pina Colada

Slimming drink Pina Colada
Slimming drink Pina Colada
Reference : BOISSCOLAD
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Slimming drink Pina Colada hyperprotein
Box of 7 sachets

Fat diet: high protein beverage to consume at any time of the day.
You accompany your loved ones over the festive events. This refreshing piña colada flavor replaces their juices, cocktails or punches (without alcohol). Enjoy the excitement Spanish.

Protein: 15 to 18 gr
Use phase: Phase 1

Diet method: high protein, Low Calorie

Whey protein, citric acid, flavorings, thickener: xanthan gum and sodium alginate, acidity regulator: potassium citrate, salt, sweeteners: sucralose and acesulfame potassium, anti-caking agent: silicon dioxide.

Milk and soy. Made on equipment on which are also used: milk, egg, soy, gluten, celery.


High protein drink to rehydrate is a real boost to the efficiency of your system.
Try different onctuosités by modulating the quantities and qualities of water or play with the time to agitate the solution to make it more or less foamy. Decrease the volume of liquid water, compensate with crushed ice cubes and stir vigorously. Every moment of consumption thus represents an opportunity to rediscover your high protein drink piña colada good taste of pineapple and coconut.

Presented in box 7 packets
75% protein
Quick and easy preparation, is eaten cold
Bag with 24 g 18 g protein
Made in France

Directions for use:
- Empty the contents of the sachet into a shaker or bottle
Pour 110 ml of very cold water in a shaker bottle and shake or circularly cap open to rehydrate the powder completely
Let stand a few seconds
Add 120 ml of cold water and seal the bottle and shaker or shake vigorously until complete dissolution
Leave the bottle or shaker for 5 minutes to open the foam resulting from the mixture decreases
Possibly put your drink in the fridge. You can consume possibly with crushed ice, orange peel or lemon
Drink in a short time.

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