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Slimming tea laxative ultra-powerful

Slimming tea laxative ultra-powerful
Slimming tea laxative ultra-powerful
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Slimming tea laxative ultra-powerful
2 boxes of 20 sachets.

Slimming product: Innovative and high efficiency thanks to its fast slimming effect. Essential to any system, it can be combined with any other natural or otherwise.

Duration of the diet program: 21 days, renewable by the desired results.

Oolong powerful.

Oolong: Helping to lose weight quickly.

ACTION of Oolong:
It reduces the amount of fat absorbed by the body by 20%. Allow it to lose weight faster than a typical diet (up to 50% loss in addition). Laxative function allows more rapid elimination of feces and toxins.
The Oolong is inside the gastrointestinal tract by preventing lipases (enzymes produced by the stomach and the pancreas) to degrade triglycerides, fatty acids and monoglycerides.

The Oolong helps you eliminate about 20% of fat in the stool without passing through the digestive tract and therefore without being absorbed by the body.

Directions for use:
- Take a slimming tea 2 times a day after each meal throughout the duration of the plan.
- 1 slimming tea in the morning.
- 1 slimming tea in the evening

Brew Oolong slimming tea in boiling water for 10 to 15 minutes to release the maximum benefits. Use 1/3 liter of water to a tea bag.

- Do not heat Oolong slimming tea in the microwave (destroyed minerals).
Oolong slimming tea is drunk as an infusion. It is naturally sweet and does not need to add sugar or milk.

Can be combined with any other system.

Not recommended during pregnancy and lactation.
The slimming product is used as part of a varied and balanced diet by following a healthy lifestyle.
Keep away from children under 3 years

Do not let your extra pounds will embed more ... order now!

Lot of 2 boxes !
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Excellent 5/5  - 
Me that the problems with my gut flora this tea made ​​me a very foolish!
Excellent 5/5  - 
Fast shipping, thank you
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