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The method Benchetrit

The method Benchetrit
The method Benchetrit
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The method Benchetrit; slim for life
David Benchetrit (Author)

Author: David Benchetrit / Dr. David and Ania Benchetrit
Publisher: Solar
Release Date: 27/01/2011
EAN13: 9782263053757
Genre: Dieting / Diets low in calories
Language: French
Format: 240x156x24
Weight: 676g
Number of page (s): 271

Looking for the plan that you will finally lose weight permanently while maintaining your health?

The method presented in this book has been developed by Professor Apfelbaum and Dr. Benchetrit under Bichat Hospital from 1986.
Originally designed for diabetics and people with hypertension, it is based on the analysis of feeding behavior of the individual to develop a diet that tastes and pace of life, while providing perfect nutritional balance. A regime built specifically to help you finally lose your extra pounds permanently. For this, three steps were planned:

- Phase Fast, lose pounds from February to October in 1-3 weeks;
- Total Phase to lose about 5 extra pounds and strengthen your well system;
- Final Phase, to achieve smooth your goal weight.

After that, your body will definitely integrated balanced diet, and you never resume weight. The concept is simple and scientifically proven. Some 5 million people who completed the questionnaire before you the tried and approved. With this work in a medical environment, you are guaranteed to lose weight without exposing yourself to the risks to your health records by ANSES (National Agency for Sanitary Safety) in its report on the various schemes.
It is the richness of this course, which focused in this book and recommended by doctors, will finally bring you to lose weight effectively, healthy and sustainable.

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