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Thinned Patch - Amstyle

Thinned Patch - Amstyle
Thinned Patch - Amstyle
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Thinned Patch - Amstyle
30 cosmetic patches

Slimming diet: The patch thinned concentrated caffeine, fat burner and anti-cellulite helps reduce unwanted bulges.
30 cover cosmetic patches.

Duration of the diet program: 1 month

Propylene glycol / alcohol, magnesium chloride, avena sativa, camellia sinensis, ruscus aculeatus garciana cambogia, citrus limonum, pineapple sativus, caffeine


Practical and discreet, shape patch enables targeted action throughout the day. Applied to the problem area it allows for diffusion 6h asset recognized for their virtues slimming and digestive

PATCH MINCI consists of:

Caffeine in the leaves contributes to this lipolytic action. This caffeine-asthenic pledged his role helps fight against cuts form that can accompany the plans. Other active ingredients of green tea leaves, we note the presence of tannins: theobromine and theophylline, known for their diuretic properties (facilitating the elimination of water). Finally, green tea increases thermogenesis, ie the energy expenditure of the body: the energy becomes greater than the energy absorbed, which facilitates weight loss in addition to dietary measures.

Directions for use:
- Apply 1 patch every morning on sensitive areas (eg patch by thigh) and remove it in the evening. In case of exposure to the sun during the day, perform the operation in the evening and remove (s) patch (s) the next day. Disseminating the patch locally, change the location of about 6 cm each application.
To further eliminate your cellulite, we recommend that you use the Booster Diet and Fitness AM'STYLE. This draining to burn, tone, detoxify and eliminate without loss of energy.
Comply with the instructions for use. Keep out of reach of young children. For use as part of a varied diet and a healthy lifestyle.

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Good 3/5  - 
Ordered but have not been very effective on me. Disappointed!
I was only 5 pounds to lose. I'll try another more effective slimming product for weight loss. Otherwise fast sending thank you
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