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Ultra slim slimming 4 actions EAFIT

Ultra slim slimming 4 actions EAFIT
Ultra slim slimming 4 actions EAFIT
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Ultra slim slimming 4 actions EAFIT
90 capsules

Slimming product: New Quadruple slimming action!
Its concentrated formula of active ingredients stimulates thermogenesis, helps turn fat into energy, appetite moderates and drains your body to fight against water retention

Program Duration: 1 month

Water, concentrated apple juice, stabilizer: glycerol, red fruit aroma, dry extracts: green tea (3% caffeine) - pilosella (maltodextrin) - Garcinia cambogia 50% HCA *, guarana extract hydroglycerine (3% caffeine), ethyl alcohol, thickener: guar gum, caffeine, acidification ant: citric acid, preservatives: sodium benzoate - potassium sorbate, sweeteners: sucralose - acesulfame potassium, vitamin B6, mineral: chromium chloride.


The new Ultra Slim Burner ® EAFIT of M
inceur Active ® has a more concentrated formula in assets to ensure greater efficiency.

Actids these principles work together to make a quadruple slimming action:
Green tea and guarana stimulate thermogenesis and activate the stored fat.
Caffeine helps turn fat into energy.
Chromium helps moderate appetite.
The piloselle promotes drainage and reduces water retention.

Recommended for: help to refine the silhouette by activating the four key mechanisms of thinning.

Directions for use:
- 3 capsules per day taken at lunch time meal with a full glass of water.
30 day program. Can be repeated as often as necessary to extend slimming action active throughout the year.

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Excellent 5/5  - 
Good contact. I have two pounds to lose the belly. I was recommended this product for slimming appetite suppressant so I'll try, I'll let you know.
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