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Dukan DIET - Agar

Dukan DIET - Agar
Dukan DIET - Agar
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Agar - Dukan Diet
Package - 100 gr

Slimming diet: Principle gelling natural agar Dukan gives consistency and soft palate to all your culinary preparations, which are sweet or savory. Natural extract of red algae from 100% natural agar Dukan is colorless and tasteless, it does not alter the taste or smell of food.

+ Slimming benefits: Lightweight

Dukan DIET - Agar

The gelling power of Agar is eight times higher than animal gelatin, popular alternative for vegetarians or those who for religious reasons refuse porcine origin. But the main difference between agar and gelatin is their slimming properties. A equal quantities and properties, caloric intake gelatin is much higher than the agar. In addition, up to 80% of highly absorbent fibers, the Agar Agar, once consumed, swells in the stomach and generates satiation and satiety and bowel captures and removes a small amount of fat and sugars.

Directions for use:
- Though the thin Agar in a little water or a liquid preparation and mix the rest of this dilution preparation. For the Agar to act, your preparation or your dilution must always be heated.
For jam or compote (rhubarb authorized cruise phase with vegetables), add the pre-Agar diluted in a little water at the end of cooking. It keeps the best qualities of taste and nutrition of fresh fruit by reducing cooking time.
For making compact flan, 4 g of Agar (1 teaspoon or 2 bags of 2g) allow gel 1 liter of liquid. For the realization of cream, 2 g Agar (1 sachet of 2g) can unctuously gel 1 liter of liquid.

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