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Dukan butter flavor - Dukan Diet

Dukan butter flavor - Dukan Diet
Dukan butter flavor - Dukan Diet
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Dukan butter flavor - Dukan Diet
Bottle - 115 ml

Slimming diet: Ideal for pastries and cakes, try the Dukan butter flavor! Find the taste of this food banned in the Dukan diet.

Medium: water, acacia gum, flavoring, propylene glycol, citric acid, xanthan gum, preservatives E211, E202
Opaque white liquid produced based preparations and substances and natural flavoring.

Storage: protected from air and light in a warm place (18 ° C).

This flavoring does not contain GMOs (genetically modified organism) or soy, corn or derivatives. It does not contain any major allergen according to European directive in force.

Additional Note: a deposit may form over time. Shake before use.

Dukan DIET - 115 ml butter flavor

Use the butter to flavor your cakes! In your culinary dishes, pastry, confectionery, ice cream, puddings, sauces, mousses, crème brûlée, coulis, custards, chocolates, ganaches, sweets, jams, compotes, cocktails, ...
The aroma of butter can find the taste of butter without having its disadvantages. Do not hesitate!

Recipe idea: Briochettes the rosewater aromas and vanilla bourbon butter

Preparation: 15 min Cooking time: 40 min, phase: Cruise, PL

Ingredients: For thirty brioches, 200 grams of tofu - 4 tablespoons of oat bran - 4 tablespoons cornflour (tolerated) - 1 tablespoon half rose water (or water orange blossom) - 10 drops of vanilla flavor bourbon - 15 drops of flavoring butter - 2 tablespoons liquid sweetener or more to taste - 5 eggs - 1 tablespoon baking powder

Preheat the oven thermostat 7 (210 ° C), taking care to remove the oven rack.
Mix well in a bowl tofu, oat bran, cornstarch, baking powder, rose water, flavorings, sweetener and egg yolks.
Beat the egg whites until stiff with a pinch of salt in another bowl.
Gently mix the whites to the previous preparation.
Pour into molds silicone buns.
Bake gas mark 7 (210 ° C) for 15 minutes and get off thermostat 6 (180 ° C) for 25 minutes.
Allow to cool in the oven without opening the door.

Directions for use:
- Between a teaspoon (4 mL) and a tablespoon (10 ml) per liter of preparation.
Because of its concentration, this product must be used diluted and not the state.
You can increase the dosage depending on the duration and the intensity of cooking. Example: a baked pastry will need to double the dosage cream dessert.

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Excellent 5/5  - 
I love dior ... and I love the melted butter Dr. Dukan.
Even if the diet is low feast ...
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