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Stevia pot - Dukan Diet

Stevia pot - Dukan Diet
Stevia pot - Dukan Diet
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Stevia pot - Dukan Diet
Pot - 100 gr

Slimming diet: Stevia is a natural sweetener, a plant used by South American Indians not to eat but simply to "have fun" in the chewing. Since its appearance on the Western market, this new sweetener has attracted all those who feared the use of artificial sweeteners, including those who are attached to the Bio channel.

Health benefit: blood sugar control

Filler erythritol, Rebaudioside A (stevia extract 98%) 12.5%, flavor licorice extract

Dukan DIET - Stevia pot

It has a great sweetening power 300 times greater than that of white table sugar, sucrose. It contains no calories or carbohydrates.

The problem about Stevia is to compare its advantages and potential drawbacks with the current market leader, the global reference sweetener, aspartame.

In terms of taste, the differences are personal, there are great lovers of aspartame and others who prefer the small liquorice aftertaste of Stevia. In fact, experience shows that habit and use intervene powerfully and equally fashion and buzz established by the users and manufacturers around the product. On this point, there is not a decisive argument.

Risks: it is on this essential point that the debate today. Entire global scientific community without exception ensures that consumption of aspartame contains no danger, it can even be used in the sanctified indication yet of the pregnant woman, to no avail. There is a certain section of the public, but a rejection of irrational violent rejection which we do not really know the cause.

The point of argument is most relevant that aspartame is used every day for over 20 years, not only as a sweetener for coffee or sodas dairy but by hundreds of millions, even billions of consumers without have never been implicated in any health consequences.
No medicine in the world can boast as wide an experience. In addition, keep in mind that if aspartame does not exist in this form in nature, it is aspartic acid and phenylalanine, which are part of all natural protein foods such as meat or fish. For Stevia, we have no such decline. Only South American and Asian populations regularly use but Western countries like France have recently authorized the European Community and has not given his consent. The argument of the nature of pure and natural vegetation is still very relevant.

In conclusion, given the records and practices compared, we believe that, compared concerning the use of Stevia and aspartame as part of the Dukan method, these two products are extremely safe and can be used freely.

Stevia, a sweetener amazing!

"I've heard of stevia ago and as I do not like other sweeteners, I tested stevia powder. I find it very good in the dairy and 0% easy to use in the blanks I true. "

Jacques, 60 in a stabilization phase

Directions for use:
- Do not use for cooking over 100 ° C.
For dessert do not exceed 10g.
1g = 5g Stevia Crystallized Sugar

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Stevia advise to lose weight. Avoid getting bigger and can find a silhouette. I love it!
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